Xerox reconhecida como líder no Quocirca’s 2023 Sustainability Leaders Report

A Xerox foi nomeada líder no novo Quocirca’s 2023 Sustainability Leaders Report.
Este relatório anual analisa os esforços de sustentabilidade da indústria de impressão e destaca organizações com foco em emissões líquidas zero, programas de sustentabilidade corporativa e ofertas que minimizam o impacto ambiental e maximizam o uso eficiente de recursos para os seus clientes.


“Reducing environmental impact, as well as helping our clients do so, is a priority for the company,” said Tracey Koziol, executive vice president, Global Offering Solutions and Chief Product Officer at Xerox. “Our offerings innovate with artificial intelligence and augmented reality to improve operational efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint, enabling clients to meet their own sustainability goals as a result.”

Through leveraging artificial intelligence and augmented reality, Xerox is delivering sustainable innovation with the potential to mitigate global supply chain issues and reduce the world’s carbon footprint. For example, through CareAR®, a Xerox company, experts can visually diagnose and solve client issues remotely, which reduces carbon emissions associated with dispatching a service technician to a site. In one year, CareAR has enabled Xerox to reduce client site visits by more than 57,000, avoiding more than 594 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Quocirca Sustainability Leaders 2023 Graphic

Xerox has been rated as the strongest across the print industry for its completeness of offerings in this year’s report. This ranking includes the expansiveness of its product portfolio, remanufacturing and refurbishment capabilities, sustainability services, and recycling programs. More than 1.6 million Xerox toner cartridges were manufactured in 2022 using cartridges recovered through the company’s Green World Alliance supplies take-back program.  Additionally, Xerox’s digital workflow solutions, including Xerox® Workflow Central and Xerox® Accounts Payable Services, was acknowledged for the ability to streamline clients’ paper-based processes, further progressing their sustainability goals.

Quocirca noted, “As well as a comprehensive sustainable technology portfolio of hardware-efficient devices (with increasing use of recycled materials), Xerox has among the broadest capabilities around sustainability-led managed print services. In partnership with PrintReleaf, Xerox offers a carbon offset program, as well as in-depth environmental assessments and advanced analytics to help clients reduce the environmental impact of their print infrastructure.”

Learn more about Xerox’s sustainability initiatives here and read its 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report here.